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  • Texas Lady Bird Deed Vs. Transfer on Death Deed

    on Death Deed. Continue reading to learn more about deeds and transferring property after death. Transfer on Death Deed Much like the Lady Bird Deed, the Transfer on Death Deed is designed to avoid However, the Transfer on Death Deed is relatively new, is untested in any published court opinions, and A Transfer on Death Deed is subject to claims against the estate for two years after the death of the

  • How to Transfer Your Home Without Jeopardizing Your Medicaid Eligibility

    These exceptions on home transfers can help you and your family during this time. Transfer the Home to the Right Family Member There are a few types of family members you can transfer your property to: You can transfer it to your spouse who already lives in the home. These transfers will not impact your eligibility for Medicaid. Transfer Through Deeds The primary deed we recommend for transfer after death is the Lady Bird Deed.

  • Banks, Beneficiaries and the Best Laid Plans: How Financial Institutions Impact Estate Planning

    Here’s how to be mindful of possible planning pitfalls: Transfer-On-Death Accounts Over the last few years, transfer-on-death titling has become a popular option with financial institutions. That’s because transfer-on-death accounts pass outside of traditional estate planning. Even when transfer-on-death assets are passed down to the correct beneficiaries, account owners must If assets pass through transfer-on-death accounts, there may be no remaining assets to help cover funeral

  • Dealing with Non-Probate Assets| Houston Probate Lawyer

    Instead of being distributed through a will, non-probate assets are automatically transferred to the The assets are transferred at the death of the testator regardless of any instructions in the will. that do not have the estate named as a beneficiary Assets held in a living trust Money in a payable-on-death bank account (POD) Securities, bonds, real estate, or other assets with a transfer-on-death provision Simply contacting the bank or company where the asset is located and presenting the death certificate

  • 4 Genius Ways to Avoid Probate in Texas

    time-consuming and costly process involving the court overseeing your assets’ distribution after your death Luckily, there are several strategies you can employ to bypass probate and ensure a smoother transfer to the surviving owner upon your death. Using Transfer-on-Death (TOD) Deeds for Real Estate Transfer-on-Death (TOD) deeds allow you to transfer This means that the property can be transferred smoothly and efficiently, saving time, costs, and potential

  • How to Deal with Greedy Family Members after a Death

    have a thoughtful yet straightforward conversation about how to handle greedy family members after a death Looking back, many people see that greedy or controlling relatives showed warning signs even before a death Getting past money issues after a death takes courage, wisdom, and commitment.

  • What You Cannot Do With a Will

    Although a will is one main way to transfer property upon death, it does not cover all property. Pay on Death accounts. Investments in Transfer on Death accounts. Some stocks and bonds are held in accounts that transfer on death to a named beneficiary. In many situations, wills are often not found until days or weeks after death.

  • Joint Bank Account After Death: Who Gets the Money?

    This article dives deep into joint bank accounts after death and outlines who should receive the funds Who Owns the Money in a Joint Bank Account After Death? rules and regulations for dealing with death: Rights of survivorship — Generally if one account holder POD (Payable On Death) — This designation allows you to name someone else as a beneficiary on your joint What to Do If There Is No Surviving Party Entitled to the Money in a Joint Bank Account After Death If

  • Planning for the Worst: Estate Advice for Simultaneous Deaths

    Simultaneous death clauses provide clarification for such situations. Death Acts that many states have put into place. Multiple Probate Cases Simultaneous deaths mean going through multiple probate cases at the same time After her probate case is finalized, the husband’s will could transfer property to surviving heirs. A simultaneous death provision may already exist in your estate plans.

  • Family Fight After Death: Why Siblings Fight After the Passing of a Parent

    are a few of the most common reasons our estate planning attorneys see for family fighting after the death

  • My Common Law Spouse Died. How Do You Prove Common Law Marriage After Death?

    This article will look at how best to prove common law marriage after death in order to recognize the own set of criteria that must be met in order to prove the validity of a common law marriage after death Proving Your Common Law Marriage After Death Here are a few steps you can take to prove your common law Gather documents that show evidence of cohabitation before death occurred. Contact Your Legacy Legal Care™ Today Proving common law marriage after death can be difficult, but it

  • How Much Does Probate Cost in Texas?

    For those wishing to avoid the costs and delays of probate, there are several options: Living trusts transfer Transfer-on-death accounts and payable-on-death assets name beneficiaries who can take ownership directly

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