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  • Houston Business Lawyer: Succession Planning for Your Small Business is Crucial for its Survival

    You have worked hard for the success of your small business, but have you thought about what will happen By engaging in Succession Planning, the small business owner can ensure that his or her wishes are followed Not only does this kind of planning make for an easier transition on those left behind, but it also saves Your small business is a part of your estate, and just like your home and other assets, planning needs By planning in advance, you can take advantage of Section 303 and Section 6166 of the tax codes.

  • Estate Plan Vs. Will: What’s the Difference?

    succession Trusts Probate Elder law Guardianship Medicaid planning Special needs planning Long-term Including Medicaid Planning in Your Houston Estate Plan Making plans for your final days is arguably Your Legacy Legal Care™ is a business succession-focused law firm with the expertise to craft a Houston business succession plan customized to your requirements and business culture. A solid corporate succession plan ensures that someone is chosen to temporarily or permanently assume

  • Entrepreneur’s Guide to Estate Planning in 2022

    estate plan. Business Succession Plans Succession planning has become all the rage in the wake of HBO’s hit show “ Going without a succession plan in 2022 is, simply put, a bad idea. The Small Business Association offers some guidance on the creation of basic succession plans, but it Your business is truly a legacy, and without a succession plan in place, you put that legacy at risk.

  • The 4 Top Estate Planning Tips for Business Owners

    * Seriously though, estate planning as a business owner is much more complicated than regular estate planning because you are essentially crafting two plans — one for yourself, and one for your business Below are four tips we urge business owners to take to heart as they begin the estate planning and succession planning process. ICE It Before getting into the weeds, or getting overwhelmed by the estate planning process, think about

  • Family Matters: Planning Mistakes Small Business Owners Should Avoid

    Without smart planning, all that work can be lost through disability, retirement, or death. Failing to Have a Succession Plan When you retire, do you know who will take over your business? Many small business owners forget to put a succession plan in place. It can be uncomfortable to discuss with your families ahead of time, but figuring out a succession plan Taking a DIY Approach to Estate Planning There are tons of online resources for estate planning, all

  • Estate Planning Myths

    There are often misconceptions about estate planning that you should know when preparing your documents Estate planning serves to provide your family and loved ones with protection upon your passing, regardless How Does Dementia Affect Estate Planning? Dementia may affect estate planning, as the person suffering from this illness loses the ability to think Speak With an Attorney About Options for Estate Planning There are many myths about estate planning out

  • 92-Year-Old Media Mogul’s Health and Succession Plan Closely Watched

    Dauman said there were plans in place to determine what happens to Redstone’s ownership interests in planning for aging media mogul Sumner Redstone.” Under the succession plan, seven trustees would oversee Redstone’s National Amusements interests, including The four other trustees are Redstone’s estate planning attorney, a Viacom board member and longtime Redstone Reference: Los Angeles Times (December 8, 2015) “Viacom CEO explains succession planning for aging media

  • Why You Need a Medicaid Planning Lawyer for Your Estate Plan

    Medicaid planning is a crucial part of your estate planning strategy, and Your Legacy Legal Care is ready What is Medicaid Planning? Medicaid planning refers to the estate planning strategies of structuring your assets and income to qualify A Medicaid planning lawyer can also provide customized planning for your unique situation, with your Trusted Medicaid Planning Lawyer in Houston, Texas Medicaid planning is a crucial aspect of estate planning

  • Adulting 101: Estate Planning

    In an ideal world, people would be as excited about estate planning when they turn 18 as they are about The reality is very few young adults take the time to craft even the most basic estate plan. Why does an 18 year old need an estate plan? Most people don’t think about estate planning until they have children or reach retirement age. What does a typical 18 year old’s estate plan look like?

  • 5 Estate Planning Myths

    There are many misconceptions about estate planning and implementing any of them into your estate plan Understanding who needs an estate plan and what it should cover is key to creating a plan that is right The following are some common myths that people have about estate planning: Estate Planning Myth 1: “ may not need a complicated plan. Estate Planning Myth 2: “I’m Too Young for an Estate Plan” No one likes to think about death, but it

  • Navigating the Estate Planning Landscape

    The only constant in estate planning is change. Your plan administrator or financial advisor can help you understand how such changes may impact your plan. What This Means for Your Estate Plans There has never been a better time to make additional gifts in Update Your Estate Plans Now Making sense of estate planning laws often requires professional help.

  • Estate Planning Laws in Texas

    In order to create a comprehensive estate plan, it helps to be familiar with your state’s laws and regulations The Lone Star State presents a number of unique challenges when it comes to estate planning. While only an experienced estate planning attorney can give you specific advice about Texas’s laws, it Dynasty Trusts The perks of a dynasty trust for long-term wealth planning are significant. thorough estate plans.

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