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  • Should I Fear Probate?

    Because of this, some folks chose to create revocable trusts and pour over their testamentary assets into their trusts. 101.5 (May 27, 2016) “What probate means for your estate” #Intestacy #Executor #ProbateCourt #Wills #Trusts

  • Houston Special Needs Lawyer: Basics of a Special Needs Trust

    What is a Special Needs Trust? your child; instead, they are owned by the Trust and managed by a Trustee of your choosing who will How may the assets in a Special Needs Trust be spent? Pooled Trusts are typically run by non-profits. #SpecialNeedsTrust #Trusts

  • Can a Power of Attorney Assign Another Power of Attorney?

    Such a clause is uncommon because the principal has typically chosen a specific person or persons they trust Here are the steps involved in transferring power of attorney: Revoking an Existing Power of Attorney The principal must provide a written notice of revocation to the current agent and any institutions Creating a New Power of Attorney After revoking the previous POA, the principal can execute a new power When changes are needed, the principal must revoke the existing POA and create a new one.

  • Estate Planning for Women | Houston Will and Trust Lawyer

    Younger Women There are plenty of reasons that a younger woman needs to meet with a Houston will and trust An estate planning attorney may also advise younger mothers to consider setting up a trust for their A Houston will and trust lawyer can help put things in motion now to make that a reality later.

  • Recalibrating Your Estate Plans After a Move

    for your trust. Trusts Remain the Same A revocable living trust that was validly prepared in one state is typically honored Still, you will want to review your trust and ensure it is up to date once you have moved. house in your new city, for instance, you will want to make arrangements to fund that asset in your trust A meeting with a trusted estate planning attorney at Your Legacy Legal Care can clarify your options.

  • Estate Planning During a Divorce: 4 Key Considerations

    With your spouse, you have drawn up a will and established trusts to organize your estate after your Continue reading to learn more about using a trust for these reasons. Setting Up a Trust to Handle Alimony and Child Support, and to Direct Funds to Your Heirs A revocable The trust’s creator – the grantor – is required to fund the trust, which will make payments according to the trust’s provisions.

  • How Often Do You Need to Update Your Estate Planning?

    an adult Death or disability of someone named in the estate Death or disability of your executor or trustee A comprehensive estate plan may also include a revocable living trust . A living trust allows someone to take ownership of your assets while you are still alive and distributes With this type of trust, you would still be able to manage your assets while living. From creating or updating your will or helping to establish trusts , we are here to help with all aspects

  • Who Needs to Consider Trusts for their Children in Houston?

    What Does the Trust Do? When you set up a trust with your trust and estates lawyer in Houston, you will discover that there are Protecting the Trust Another reason to consider a trust is to protect your children’s money from misuse recourse, as the trust is a legal contract. Talk to a Houston Trust and Estates Lawyer The best way to determine if a trust is right for you and

  • What Do I Do with My Powerball Millions and How Do I Keep it Quiet?

    asset search. (2) A Trust within a Trust. The trust within a trust requires two trusts: First, create a Claiming Trust. Although most revocable trusts use the Social Security Number of the grantor (i.e., you – the person Second, create a Bridge Trust. into the Bridge Trust.

  • Harris County Probate Lawyer: Issues to Consider with an Out-of-State Probate

    County probate lawyers use to get around an out of state probate include placing the property into a revocable living trust, owning the property jointly with someone else, or drafting a type of deed where the property

  • Trust a Trust Attorney with Your Trust

    Tax: When you fund an irrevocable trust, know that your tax situation can change immediately. The trust doesn’t receive a step-up in basis, just a transfer of your cost basis. But if you place assets in a trust, you have the ability to build a good offense against inflation. Usability: Sometime called liquidity, this refers to your trustee’s ability to access these funds. Reference: MarketWatch (February 25, 2016) “What you should know before placing assets in a trust” #HoustonAssetProtection

  • Estate Plan Vs. Will: What’s the Difference?

    Your Houston Estate Plan Might Need a Trust Trusts form a vast portion of estate planning. There are so many Houston trust options at your disposal. From spendthrift trusts to revocable living trusts, there is something to fit your plans for your family Whichever trust you choose, avoiding probate is a significant benefit of establishing a trust. After being placed in a trust, a piece of property is removed from the owner’s estate.

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