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  • How to Create a Living Trust in 5 Simple Steps

    If you’re a Texas resident considering estate planning, you may have heard about these tools and wondered It allows you to place assets like your home, investments, or personal property “into trust” (a separate Arrangement There are three main parties in a basic living trust arrangement: Grantor – This is you, the person Living Trust Works A living trust has no real effect until it is “funded” by retitling assets from your personal understand the basics of a living trust and its functions, let’s examine why creating one can benefit Texas residents

  • Long-Term Care Insurance and Alternatives | Houston Elder Law Attorneys

    For example, you might need someone besides yourself to start helping with household and personal tasks

  • Advance Directive Mistakes to Avoid

    The only person who is legally allowed to sign a healthcare directive is the principal themselves. No matter how sick a person might be, they must write their signature in order to officially designate Many healthcare workers are not actually aware of this rule and may be personally willing to serve as If they are unable to follow through with your wishes because of their own personal beliefs, they may not be the best person to select as your healthcare agent.

  • Planning for Future Healthcare Costs

    Healthcare is one of the biggest expenses any person must shoulder, but especially those that are retired Long-term care insurance can help cover costs if you or your spouse need in-home care or residence in The Bottom Line Healthcare spending can easily eat up a person’s entire retirement budget.

  • Harris County Probate Lawyer: Issues to Consider with an Out-of-State Probate

    birds,” meaning they spend their winters in states with warmer climates while keeping their actual residency

  • Estate Plan Vs. Will: What’s the Difference?

    Even though many older adults have income and assets over the Medicaid qualifying limit, using irrevocable

  • Make Certain Your College-Bound Kid Has Packed a Health Care Power of Attorney

    The proxy talks about some unpleasant decision making—like specifying what treatment or care a person Nonetheless, they provoke some serious thinking about quality of life in the event of a health emergency It’s important to know what the documents can and can’t do: they don’t ensure quality care, and you’ll

  • 4 Genius Ways to Avoid Probate in Texas

    Are you a Texas resident looking for simple ways to avoid probate? ownership with rights of survivorship, which allows you to share ownership of an asset with another person

  • Estate Planning During the Biden Era

    New presidents often mark the beginning of a new era of tax laws. For President Biden, the estate tax is a very likely target for change. President Biden’s tax plan aims to reduce this number to $3.5 million, which is a significant drop that Make Annual Exclusion Gifts Under current tax law, a person can gift an individual up to $15,000 without

  • Houston Special Needs Lawyers: Creating a Special Needs Trust or “SNT?” for Your Child with Disabilities

    The third-party trustee is someone besides you (the benefactor) or the beneficiary (your child with special your child with special needs, doesn’t actually own the assets in the trust, so it is not considered a personal

  • Saving the Home with Long-Term Health Care Demands

    For Medicaid eligibility, your primary residence is exempt provided you or your spouse live in the house or intend to return to the house to reside. That said, Medicaid will have an automatic lien on any interest in a residence in your name equal to One exception is for the transfer of a residence to a child who has lived in the home for at least two facility and who during that period provided the applicant with care and services that enabled that person

  • How to Deal with Greedy Family Members after a Death

    Greedy family members might also conveniently “find” documents allegedly demonstrating the deceased person With help from a qualified estate planning attorney, verify the legitimacy of all legal documents before

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