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  • A Light at the End of the Tunnel for Britney Spears

    established by an experienced elder law attorney will also allow your agent to act on your behalf to qualify you for public benefits that you may have otherwise not been able to qualify for, such as Medicaid. circumstances of the guardianship, there is always the possibility of someone contesting or “challenging” the person In an ideal guardianship matter, there is no contest to the person applying to become your legal guardian

  • Inherited an IRA From a Parent? 4 Rules for Inherited Retirement Accounts

    Inherited retirement accounts are financial accounts that pass from one person to another when the original This, of course, depends on the type of account and the person inheriting it. Secure Act’s 10-Year Rule Applies to Non-spouse Beneficiaries For non-spouse beneficiaries that do not qualify For those who choose to designate a non-person—such as an estate or a charity—as their retirement account

  • Considerations Before Owning a Business with Your Spouse

    If you and your spouse can find ways to balance your work and personal lives, owning a business together However, under Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules, a married couple conducting a qualified joint venture

  • My Common Law Spouse Died. How Do You Prove Common Law Marriage After Death?

    When a person passes away without having legally married their partner, complications can arise. what requirements your particular state demands can help you determine whether or not your situation qualifies

  • Important Steps to Complete a Medicaid Application

    extremely expensive, and most people aren’t sure of how to complete the Medicaid application to see if they qualify However, the process can be more complicated than just merely qualifying or not. Proof of citizenship or resident alien status(limited benefits only). You can submit your application via fax, on paper, online or in-person at your state’s Medicaid office When your application is complete, a caseworker will review your application and determine if you qualify

  • College Funding 101

    Maximize your Roth IRA investments – your kids or grandkids might qualify for scholarships and not need

  • Is a Power of Attorney Good from State to State?

    It allows one person, known as the principal, to grant authority to another person, the agent. well-drafted POA can provide peace of mind and protect your interests, no matter where you or your agent reside

  • Just in Case: Designate a Guardian for Your Children Today

    These can be religious, moral, political, or personal. How closely does this person know you and your family? Are your kids comfortable with him or her? Also, you’ll want someone who can provide a sense of continuity in discipline and personal responsibility They don’t have to be the same person. Nonetheless, it’s important that the guardian of the person and the guardian of the estate get along

  • Dealing with Non-Probate Assets| Houston Probate Lawyer

    As a Houston probate lawyer, I am often asked if every asset a person owns will have to go through the While most real estate owned by a person does go through the Harris County probate court following the There are other assets besides jointly owned assets that are distributed outside of probate.

  • How Do Special Needs Trusts (SNT) Work?

    A special needs trust, also called a supplemental needs trust or SNT, is a personal legal arrangement allowing another person to manage and hold assets in trust for a disabled beneficiary needing public SNTs can significantly enhance beneficiaries’ quality of life by providing funds for disability-related Proceeds often originate from a personal injury settlement, disability benefits award, inheritance from by funding therapies, transportation, personalized housing, education costs, recreation, and other expenses

  • Texas Lady Bird Deed Vs. Transfer on Death Deed

    Allow for the transfer of the remaining interest on a piece of real estate Allow the current owner to reside You can assign an executor by appointing a person in your will.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance and Alternatives | Houston Elder Law Attorneys

    For example, you might need someone besides yourself to start helping with household and personal tasks

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