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  • Trusts from A to Z

    rundown of revocable or irrevocable trusts, credit shelter trusts, generation-skipping trusts, and qualified personal-residence trusts. Qualified personal residence trusts. A qualified personal residence trust can be useful in locking in a lower value for gift tax purposes. Trust funds can be a big element in your estate-planning strategy, so talk with a qualified trust attorney

  • Under What Circumstances Can a Person Be Appointed a Guardian in Texas?

    In Texas, a person can be appointed as a guardian under two circumstances. If the incapacitated person does not have family or family that sees them regularly, there is potentially In Texas, a person becomes a guardian in probate court. Having said that, a person could be the conservator of a child, like a parent, but that person may also Sometimes, a person may serve in both roles, but most of the time, the roles are separate.

  • How to React to the Fed’s Rate Hike

    Qualified Personal Residence Trusts. This might be more attractive when rates are higher—creating a trust to pass a primary residence or vacation A qualified personal residence trust will freeze the value of the property for gift-tax and estate-tax

  • How to Divvy Up Personal Assets Without Splitting Up the Family

    Gathering your personal possessions and deciding who to distribute them to can be one of the most difficult Also, it is important that your executor or trustee secure your residence as soon as possible after death Utilize the Memorandum Regarding Personal Property. This document allows you to direct which personal belongings are to be distributed to a specific person If the person you are gifting the item to is agreeable, you can keep these items around.

  • How President Biden’s Proposed Tax Plan Could Impact Your Estate

    scheduling a consultation online This spring, President Joe Biden outlined a new infrastructure plan In a break with his initial campaign promises, though, President Biden is no longer proposing an expansion Proposed Changes President Biden has proposed raising the top marginal income tax rate from 37 percent


    Texas residents thinking about these questions may want to consider making an advance directive. If the doctor knows what the person’s wishes are, then the doctor will carry out those instructions. Also, two witnesses need to sign the document, and there are particular people that do not qualify. Health Care Directive Estate Planning in Houston Texas residents may want to contact an estate planning That is why it is important to seek the counsel of a qualified estate planning lawyer in Houston to make

  • Congratulations on starting your medical career! Now go protect your financial future!

    Years and years of school, and hours upon hours working through your residency is now paying off. protection attorney in Houston will tell you that a solid plan will allow you to build a wall around your personal an PC, LLC or LLP may also be necessary to separate the assets of your “business” from those of your personal Again, a qualified asset protection attorney here in Houston can help you work through all of your options There are several technical issues involved so it is always best to work with a qualified and experienced

  • Personal Finance Myths Debunked!

    Reference: Kiplinger (May 2016) “8 Urban Myths of Personal Finance” #AssetProtection #Guardianship #401k

  • Protecting Assets from Medicaid: How Funding a Trust Can Help

    can protect your investments for your own retirement and the next generation while still providing quality If they exceed the financial limits, they will not qualify for Medicaid assistance. are “non-countable assets,” which include IRA’s if getting required minimum distributions, primary residences (such as your homestead), personal property, and pre-paid funeral expenses.

  • The Benefits of Choosing a Dementia-Focused Law Firm

    This attorney needs to know the best planning options for your loved one, how to get them qualified for the right direction for facilities that will give your loved one the care they deserve and meet their personal required to complete continuing education with every renewal of their certification, so they remain qualified Personal Experience Many of our team members have experienced a loved one’s journey with dementia first-hand For many of our team members, this personal experience with dementia drives their passion for helping

  • Why You Need a Medicaid Planning Lawyer for Your Estate Plan

    In order to qualify for Medicaid, you need the assistance of an experienced Houston Medicaid planning To qualify for Medicaid, you must meet certain eligibility requirements, including income and asset limits Some people think they can simply transfer their property and money to their children to qualify for Medicaid planning refers to the estate planning strategies of structuring your assets and income to qualify lawyer can also provide customized planning for your unique situation, with your specific financial and personal

  • 10 Common Mistakes People Make When Applying for Medicaid

    Even after going into a nursing home there are opportunities to protect life-savings and become qualified Essentially, any Medicaid payments that are made on behalf of a nursing home resident will become a claim Congress has passed specific rules for spouses of nursing home residents to ensure that they don’t become

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