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  • Iowa Ready to Pass Bill on Digital Assets in Estate

    The bill defines an “agent” as an attorney-in-fact granted authority under a durable or nondurable power of attorney.

  • Three Changes You May Want to Make to Your Estate Plan Due to the Pandemic

    Statutory Durable Power of Attorney. A Statutory Durable Power of Attorney (POA) allows you to appoint someone (known as your agent) to act A power of attorney can be made to be effective immediately, or upon your incapacity or disability. A power of attorney that is made effective upon your incapacity or disability only takes affect when Medical Power of Attorney.

  • Bitter Fight for Media Mogul’s Billions

    It details the deteriorating health of the once powerful corporate chief, calling him mentally vacant

  • Adulting 101: Estate Planning

    Medical Power of Attorney/Advance Directive with a HIPAA provision This document is what healthcare providers Statutory Durable Power of Attorney This document is similar to the Medical of Attorney in that it appoints Talking with an experienced estate planning attorney can help you figure out what documents you need

  • A Light at the End of the Tunnel for Britney Spears

    Do you have a statutory durable power of attorney? A statutory durable power of attorney would have helped Britney prevent her father from getting control Having a statutory durable power of attorney established by an experienced elder law attorney will also Do you have a medical power of attorney? The absence of a medical power of attorney may require your loved one to obtain a guardianship to gain

  • Complete a Complete Estate Plan

    Depending on your estate, you may want to consider a trust, in addition to healthcare directives, powers of attorneys and guardian designations. A trust can be complicated, so talk with an estate planning attorney to see if it makes sense and whether Speak with an experienced estate planning attorney to develop one.

  • Do I Need a Will?

    Your designated agent has the authority to make decisions according to your wishes by a durable power of attorney for health care. Trust and estate attorneys can help you transfer property to heirs in the most tax-efficient way possible There are online services that have templates for wills, powers of attorney and health care directives , but it’s far safer to have an experienced estate planning attorney who understands your family’s specific

  • How Often Do You Need to Update Your Estate Planning?

    It may be time to contact your estate planning attorney if it has been a while since you updated (or Our team is composed of compassionate, honest, and well-informed attorneys that can make updating your Medical Power of Attorney, which outlines who you choose to make healthcare decisions for you in the Financial Power of Attorney, which gives someone the ability to manage your financial affairs and financial Experienced Estate Planning Attorney Your Legacy Legal Care consists of experienced attorneys who take

  • Saving the Home with Long-Term Health Care Demands

    Speak with an experienced estate planning or elder care attorney to plan for your individual circumstances You should also have your will, general power of attorney, advance health care directive or other estate a complex and constantly changing area, so talk with an experienced elder law or Medicaid planning attorney

  • Wisconsin Legislature Tackles Digital Assets

    However, in the absence of those types of settings, a will or power of attorney could be used.

  • Estate Planning for 80-Somethings

    of attorney (and even distribution of assets). major life event occurs, it is always a good idea to give an experienced estate planning and elder law attorney Appoint Agents for Powers of Attorney and Establish Medical Directives If you have not already done so The person you appoint to serve as your agent under your medical power of attorney – also sometimes referred to as a healthcare surrogate – is a power of attorney that covers medical treatments and decisions.

  • Britney Spears’ Conservatorship & How It Can Happen to You

    of attorney and a medical power of attorney. How a statutory durable power of attorney would have helped: A statutory durable power of attorney would How a medical power of attorney would have helped: Did you know that medical records of an individual of attorney and Lynne was not the court-appointed conservator. Establishing a medical power of attorney will ensure that a person you trust will be able to oversee

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