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  • Planning Ahead for Medicaid

    The good news is that you’re going to live a long life. Planning for end-of-life care should be part of retirement and estate planning. filing a lien against property; however, the property usually is safe as long as the surviving spouse is living You may want to spend down assets on long-term care insurance if you expect to outlive your assets. Some hybrid products combine life insurance and long-term care or annuities and long-term care.

  • Minimum Estate Planning After Having Kids

    While no one likes to think about the bad things that can happen in life, it is imperative to plan for , you ensure that if something happens to you, someone can still access your funds to take care of your Review Your Life Insurance When many people first have children, they are not as financially stable as they are later in life. An excellent way to do this is through a life insurance policy.

  • What You Should Never Put in Your Will: Guidance from Houston’s Premier Estate Planning Attorn

    Estate planning might seem like walking through a maze. A will is pivotal in ensuring your wishes are honored. But it’s not a catch-all solution. Beneficiary Designations Certain assets, including life insurance payouts, retirement accounts, and payable-on-death your beneficiary designations, especially after significant life events. 4. Property in Living Trusts Assets in a living trust are designated to bypass the probate process , making

  • Modifying Estate Plans After a Serious Illness

    ones, and the security of remaining in control of many aspects of your own life. assets, and your loved ones: Create or Update Advanced Healthcare Directives Thinking about end-of-life a feeding tube, and even whether or not you want to be put on life support. Update Beneficiary Designations When you opened your retirement account or life insurance policy, you The people you chose as beneficiaries then may no longer be a part of your life now.

  • 5 Estate Planning Myths

    While you are still living, a properly crafted estate plan allows you to ensure that your property will Estate Planning Myth 2: “I’m Too Young for an Estate Plan” No one likes to think about death, but it Jointly-owned property, property in trust, life insurance proceeds, and property with a named beneficiary have a plan in place, you will need to review it every two to three years or whenever you have major life In Texas, legislators can amend legislation every two years, so it is also crucial to ensure your plan

  • What Happens When You Die Without A Will In Texas?

    Death is a reality that nobody wants to face, but it’s an inevitable part of life. To ensure that your loved ones are taken care of properly after your passing, it is important to make You can set up trusts or designate beneficiaries in your will to ensure that their needs are met. This includes making a will, setting up trusts, designating beneficiaries for retirement accounts and life insurance policies, and more.

  • Planning For A Long Life And All That That Entails

    When Paul McCartney penned those lines he was in his 20s. 64 must have seemed ancient to him. A living will or advance directive spells out your end-of-life wishes. A medical power of attorney document names someone you trust to follow the directions in your living You might have noticed that the person given medical power of attorney gets some guidance from the living

  • The Benefits of a Revocable Living Trust

    Flexibility The trust document can be amended or revoked anytime, allowing you to make changes as life An attorney can help you draft the trust document and ensure it complies with state laws. It is important to ensure that all assets are properly titled in the name of the trust to ensure that living trust to ensure that it still reflects your wishes. Significant life changes, such as the birth of a child, marriage, divorce, or changes in state or tax

  • How Do Special Needs Trusts (SNT) Work?

    SNTs can significantly enhance beneficiaries’ quality of life by providing funds for disability-related Medicaid, SSI, Section 8, and SNAP to access supplemental private funds that enhance their quality of life An SNT can significantly improve the beneficiary’s quality of life through careful compliance and coordination fund special needs trusts include court settlements, inheritances, assets from divorce proceedings, life insurance payouts, Social Security back payments, military survivor benefits, and third-party family

  • How to Prepare for Your First Estate Planning Meeting

    Whatever life stage you are at, it is never too early to seek advice about getting your estate in order The thought of having to get pretty much your whole life organized and out in the open can be overwhelming Think about anything that you insure or that is kept in a safe. Insurance Documents Life insurance policies that pay out on death could help to cover your tax bill. insurance policy, you might choose to focus on distributing your estate to others in your Will.

  • Estate Planning Needs to Happen After a Divorce

    Will (if you have one) Life insurance policies Retirement accounts For example, if your ex-spouse remains the beneficiary of your life insurance policy and you pass away, the proceeds will go to your ex-spouse after a divorce an ex-spouse is no longer legally considered to be an heir, he or she will not be in line The same is true for life insurance: proceeds will go to the named beneficiaries of those policies, rather If the divorce decree states that your ex-spouse is to remain the beneficiary of a life insurance policy

  • Estate Planning to Protect a Child with Disabilities

    The trustee typically distributes these funds as part of a will or living trust. when a child receives a legal settlement from a personal injury lawsuit or other claim and will need life-long You can also fund special needs trusts with the proceeds of a life insurance policy, or you can make one a sub-trust as part of an existing living trust. Your Legacy Legal Care offers comprehensive estate planning services to ensure your loved ones are protected

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