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  • Is Whole Life Insurance Right for You?

    Term life insurance will cover you for a certain period of time. Alternatively, whole life insurance also includes a savings account known as its cash value, which builds insurance. If you’re in need of permanent coverage, but can’t afford the premiums, look at a term life insurance He or she can refer you to a qualified life insurance professional to help.

  • While Not Sexy, Life Insurance can Really Help with Estate and Financial Planning

    US News’ recent article, “Pros and Cons of Whole Life Insurance,” says that life insurance is often Life insurance—whether term or whole life—can be used to fulfill various planning goals. Life insurance can be confusing because whole-life policies can be offered in various forms by different Permanent life insurance has other benefits in addition to the death benefit. The goal is not to depend on life insurance in general or on any one particular type of life insurance

  • Life Insurance for a Professional Racecar Driver? You Bet!

    She’s owned life insurance since she started racing, and she now advocates on behalf of Life Happens, It’s a rite of passage to buy life insurance before your first race. With term life insurance, many life insurance needs will expire, assuming that a family is on track to insurance—whole life, universal life, or variable life. Term life insurance can be pretty inexpensive.

  • Get a Life Insurance Check-up to Be Sure the Prognosis Is Good

    article “3 life insurance mistakes you can easily avoid.” About 37% of parents with young children don’t have sufficient life insurance, according to a 2015 report Do a thorough analysis of your life insurance needs to be sure you’ve enough to cover funeral expenses You may have your spouse own the life insurance policy on you so that you can be smart with your estate However, what’s known as “three-corner life insurance”—where the owner, insured and beneficiary are all

  • You Bet Your Life There’s Value in Life Insurance

    Life insurance can be very complicated and confusing. A recent study that looked at the life insurance purchased by 94 ultra-wealthy business owners with a A recent Forbes article, “How The Ultra-Wealthy Avoid Life Insurance Missteps,” says that there were Also, for 60% of these uber-wealthy business owners, their life insurance wasn’t effectively integrated amount of the right kind of life insurance that is properly structured.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance and Alternatives | Houston Elder Law Attorneys

    One option would be hybrid long-term care insurance. These policies combine the benefits of an annuity or life insurance agreement with a traditional long-term the consumer has the guarantee of long term care benefits or, if no care is needed, the promise of insurance Unlike other insurance option you do not have to prove insurability by completing an application with Lastly, many single-premium whole life insurance policies have an attached long-term care rider.

  • Ensuring Your Legacy Through Estate Planning

    More importantly, you can make your wishes known for the end of your life and ensure your legacy is solidified While the primary purpose of estate planning is to ensure you and your family are taken care of, you Donate Assets: Your estate plan can donate assets like art, stocks, cars, or other assets to charities Life Estate Deed: You can create a life estate deed for property you need to retain until death. Fund Beneficiary: You can name a charity as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance,

  • That First Child Means More than Late Night Feedings and Dirty Diapers

    Set your life and financial priorities. Review your insurance needs. You should look at your insurance coverage. For the immediate future, you should know how much your health insurance deductibles and co-pays will For the long-term, consider whether you have enough life insurance. Parents should also make sure they have disability insurance, which can bridge a financial gap in the

  • How to Remove Someone from a Life Estate

    Understanding Life Estates A life estate is a unique type of property ownership. The Roles of Life Tenant and Remainderman The life tenant is the individual who holds the life estate The remainderman has the right to inspect the property to ensure it is being properly maintained. After the Life Tenant's Death After the life tenant dies, the life estate typically ends, and the property life estate removal.

  • Accumulating Income in the Decumulation Phase of Life: Retirement

    Saving money is good, but if you’re cutting out basic comforts because you think you’ll live to 108 and Retirees now must depend more on nonguaranteed sources of income—like 401(k)s and IRAs—to cover expenses Major expenses, like a mortgage or the children’s college tuition, may go away in retirement. While optimistic, it might be a little unreasonable to plan on living to 110. calculator to factor in your health, family history and lifestyle to give you a better idea of your life

  • Is a Living Trust for Me?

    out boilerplate documents for a high fee, all to get their foot in the door to sell you annuities or insurance living trusts are often nothing more than insurance agents or people working for insurance agents. A living trust is revocable, which makes it very flexible. Living trusts are very complex legal documents—one-size-fits-all doesn’t work. or insurance policy.

  • When a “Fair Share” May Not Mean “Equal Share” | Houston Will and Trust Lawyer

    established child that does not need a large inheritance while another child has not fared as well in life This is a danger and a huge reason for working with a Houston will and trust lawyer to ensure that your For example, if you have only one of your children named as a beneficiary of your life insurance or retirement This is because life insurance and retirement accounts are distributed outside of probate court and your If you would like the peace of mind knowing that the distribution of your assets is a result of careful

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