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    One of the most enjoyable parts of being a Harris County estate lawyer is helping clients set up trusts Setting up the trust can be a lot of fun. Figuring out how to fund it is deeply satisfying. A “directed trustee” is chosen to look after the trust according to specific instructions from you. These may include professional companies that do nothing but administer trusts. directed trustee and others involved with the trust.

  • Houston Will and Trust Lawyer: Read This Before Adding Your Child’s Name to Your Banking Account!

    I know you trust your child completely, but there is always a possibility that your child may change

  • Houston Special Needs Lawyers: Creating a Special Needs Trust or “SNT?” for Your Child with Disabilities

    parent of a disabled child is to speak to an estate lawyer in Houston to establish a special needs trust The best solution is to create a third-party special needs trust or SNT. A trust is an asset administered by a third-party trustee on behalf of a beneficiary. The money in the trust is belongs to the trust and is spent solely on behalf of the beneficiary. The trust can help to cover costs beyond what Medicaid and SSI provide, like dental care, transportation

  • Asset Protect That Doesn’t Depend On Your Aim

    help protect elderly clients from scam artists by drafting power of attorney documents that allow a trusted most popular way to protect significant assets and pass them on to a future generation is to set up an irrevocable living trust to hold them. Properties held in a properly-crafted trust do not count as assets when you are applying for Medicaid Irrevocable trusts also allow you to pass on properties outside of the probate system, and without paying

  • What Is a Trust Protector, and Do I Need One?

    trust and its assets; The trustee who controls the trust and its assets; and The beneficiaries who receive the benefits of the trust. This protection is where a trust protector comes into play. What Is a Trust Protector? trust terms, which may include: (1) the power to remove and appoint trustees, advisors, trust committee The trust protector can also serve as back-up oversight if you do not entirely trust your trustee to

  • Bitter Fight for Media Mogul’s Billions

    Redstone’s interest in the two media companies is governed by an irrevocable trust. When Redstone dies or is no longer able to oversee his affairs, a group of trustees will assume decision-making This lawsuit doesn’t challenge the authority of the trust or control of the two media companies.

  • The 411 on the Generation-Skipping Trust

    , GST trusts, or dynasty trusts. Once the trust is funded and the exemption applied, any future appreciation in trust assets is allocated to the trust beneficiaries directly. If it’s an irrevocable trust, you won’t have to pay GST tax even if the value of the trust assets increase Speak with an experienced trust attorney to set up a trust and take best advantage of the generation-skipping

  • Trust Lawyer in Houston Answers, “What is a Trustee?”

    A trustee is the person who will manage the assets that are in your trust. regarding assets in your trust. best interest of the trust beneficiaries. It is critical that a trustee follows the terms of the trust documents and the trust creator’s instructions #TrustAdministration #trustplanning #Trusts

  • Trusts Can Protect Your Heirs from Themselves

    How Can a Trust Help? Here are a few examples of trusts that are options to you; IRA Trust: Designed to prevent an heir from Revocable Trusts: Allows you to retain control of all the assets in the trusts and you are free to revoke Asset Protection Trusts Beneficiary Trusts With your options in mind, the best course of action is always Trusts allow you to control how and when the money is spent The individual setting up the trust can make

  • Estate Planning for Women | Houston Will and Trust Lawyer

    Younger Women There are plenty of reasons that a younger woman needs to meet with a Houston will and trust An estate planning attorney may also advise younger mothers to consider setting up a trust for their A Houston will and trust lawyer can help put things in motion now to make that a reality later.

  • Houston Special Needs Lawyer: Basics of a Special Needs Trust

    What is a Special Needs Trust? your child; instead, they are owned by the Trust and managed by a Trustee of your choosing who will How may the assets in a Special Needs Trust be spent? Pooled Trusts are typically run by non-profits. #SpecialNeedsTrust #Trusts

  • Who Needs to Consider Trusts for their Children in Houston?

    What Does the Trust Do? When you set up a trust with your trust and estates lawyer in Houston, you will discover that there are Protecting the Trust Another reason to consider a trust is to protect your children’s money from misuse recourse, as the trust is a legal contract. Talk to a Houston Trust and Estates Lawyer The best way to determine if a trust is right for you and

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