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  • Under What Circumstances Can a Person Be Appointed a Guardian in Texas?

    However, that parent is not the natural guardian of the child’s estate. If a child inherits money because he or she lost a parent, then a guardian of the child’s estate must Does The Child Need a Guardian and a Conservator? of the estate of the child. What are the Responsibilities of a Guardian in Texas?

  • Can I Designate a Guardian for Myself or My Children in Texas?

    Are There Any Alternatives to Choosing a Guardian? If you are named guardian of the estate, you will have to be bonded. Additionally, you also need to have good credit to be the guardian of the estate. The lower your credit score, the less probability you will have to become guardian of the estate. If you are the guardian of the estate, you have to file an annual accounting.

  • Estate Planning Myths

    There are often misconceptions about estate planning that you should know when preparing your documents Estate planning serves to provide your family and loved ones with protection upon your passing, regardless How Does Dementia Affect Estate Planning? The estate then goes into probate. Speak With an Attorney About Options for Estate Planning There are many myths about estate planning out

  • Estate Planning Laws in Texas

    The Lone Star State presents a number of unique challenges when it comes to estate planning. This makes them an invaluable tool for estate planners. Kids play a role, too; spouses and children usually split the estate evenly. thorough estate plans. #Intestacy #estateplanninglaw #CommunityProperty #texas #dynastytrust

  • 5 Estate Planning Myths

    There are many misconceptions about estate planning and implementing any of them into your estate plan The following are some common myths that people have about estate planning: Estate Planning Myth 1: “ My Estate Isn’t Big Enough to Need Planning” Depending on how small your estate is, it is true that you Your estate plan will also allow you to name a guardian for your minor children, should the unexpected Estate Planning Myth 2: “I’m Too Young for an Estate Plan” No one likes to think about death, but it

  • The Importance of Estate Planning for Young Families

    What is Estate Planning? Estate planning can help you: Protect your children — Estate planning allows you to appoint guardians Steps to Take When Estate Planning for Young Families Now that you understand why estate planning is It also allows you to appoint guardians for your children and name an executor to manage your estate. Appoint guardians. Guardianship for your children is a crucial step in estate planning.

  • Adulting 101: Estate Planning

    In an ideal world, people would be as excited about estate planning when they turn 18 as they are about The reality is very few young adults take the time to craft even the most basic estate plan. Why does an 18 year old need an estate plan? Most people don’t think about estate planning until they have children or reach retirement age. What does a typical 18 year old’s estate plan look like?

  • Houston Estate Planning for the Chronically Ill

    That is a staggering statistic, even for me as a Houston estate planning lawyer that works with sick Everyone needs estate planning, but for the chronically ill there is a high sense of urgency. Additionally, an estate planning lawyer in Houston can help you utilize tools such as trusts to protect A living trust can also give you the peace of mind knowing that your estate will easily be passed to #estateplanning #HoustonEstatePlanning #Medicaid

  • Navigating the Estate Planning Landscape

    The only constant in estate planning is change. They include: Annual Gift Tax and Estate Tax Exclusions Are Increasing For the first time since 2018, order to reduce your taxable estate. Update Your Estate Plans Now Making sense of estate planning laws often requires professional help. important to consult with your financial advisor and estate planning attorney.

  • Understanding Capacity Requirements for Estate Planning in Texas

    In Texas, to create a proper estate plan, you must have the necessary mental capacity to execute a legal Is there an already established estate plan in question that concerns you?  a valid will or estate plan. one to be examined by a physician and declared mentally incompetent, and then the court will choose a guardian Our estate planning attorneys understand the intricacies of trust and estate planning in Texas and can

  • Special Needs Estate Planning: Basic Strategies and Tactics

    Families with children with disabilities need to take extra precautions in their estate planning.   plan for your loved one with a disability to enhance their life after your passing with special needs estate Doing so also allows parents to select alternate guardians in case they pass away unexpectedly. many individuals with disabilities benefit from, however, you must be careful when establishing an estate Special Needs Estate Planning Attorney These planning tips require serious consideration and a lot of

  • Estate Plan Vs. Will: What’s the Difference?

    Think of a will as a small part of a comprehensive estate plan. Let’s discuss an estate plan vs. a will. are just a few assets that could form part of your estate. Your Houston Estate Plan Might Need a Trust Trusts form a vast portion of estate planning. Expand Your Estate Plan With a Houston Estate Planning Attorney We offer complete estate planning services

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