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The Technologies That Will Transform Estate Planning Forever

The estate planning industry is constantly changing. Technological advances make it easier than ever for both estate planning attorneys and their clients to get affairs in order.

There is no doubt that there is a lot to be excited about in the field. Modernizing the estate planning process has been a long time coming, and COVID-19 has only further inspired developers to make their offerings more accessible. Social distancing might not have inspired the development of the technologies below, but they have certainly been accelerated thanks to the growing demand for virtual services. The use of these new technologies will undoubtedly change the estate planning world for good – even as COVID-19 becomes a distant memory in the future.

Going Digital

Digital documents are nothing new, but they have become more universally accepted in the estate planning world as of late. It has become standard to file an entire plan without ever touching a single piece of paper. This is perhaps the single largest transformation to happen to the industry in the last several decades. Simplifying the process makes folks more inclined to get their estate plans in order, so we are excited to watch this digital evolution continue to unfold.

Electronic wills and digital signatures continue to become more common throughout the industry, too. Remote notarization is an exciting disruption of a very established process. E-signatures have been popular for some time, but they are only just now becoming widely accepted throughout the estate planning world in states that allow these documents to be signed virtually or electronically.

Software Solutions

Email and chat modules have revolutionized the way estate planning attorneys and their clients exchange information. Thanks to the rise of digital applications and software programs, it is easier than ever to create your estate plan using the device in your pocket. Many companies are even working to develop mobile versions of their software to allow users to work on the go.

These programs help to make the estate planning process more streamlined. Rather than trading forms back and forth constantly for signatures, you will get the notarization and signing done virtually. It is COVID-safe and incredibly convenient, which is something that is beneficial to everybody in today’s world.

The estate planning world has needed a modern approach for some time now, and as more and more technological advances find their way to the industry, we will be excited to implement them and make life more convenient for clients as laws allow.

To learn more about how you can conveniently establish an estate plan to protect your loved ones, call Your Legacy Legal Care at (281) 218-0880, or click here to schedule your strategy session with an experienced estate planning and elder law attorney.

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