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Spears Free from Her Conservatorship

A 13-year-long battle ended on November 21th, 2021 when pop singer Britney Spears was freed from her conservatorship after a judge ruled to cease it. During her battle for freedom from her father, she endured both public and private humiliation.

As part of the conservatorship, she was restricted from marriage, having more kids, removing her IUD, and was forced to take lithium medication. She also had to deal with financial limitations as her father did not permit her to carry a credit card.

For years, her father, Jamie Spears, has lived quite comfortably off his daughter’s $60 million estate. Mr. Spears lost his rights as soon as the ruling was completed. His annual salary from his daughter’s work amounted to $5 million, in addition to a percentage of earnings from the star’s concert ticket sales.

The Spears case has brought increased scrutiny to the concept of conservatorships. If a court deems a person incapable of managing their life responsibly, they may appoint a conservator, which is often a relative or someone close to that individual.

If you or a loved one are stuck in an unfavorable conservatorship, contact one of our experienced attorneys to see which options are available for you.

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