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More Fighting Over Late Businessman’s Estate

An attorney representing the estate of the late millionaire Kirk Kerkorian claimed that a lawsuit by a woman who claims that Kerkorian promised her $20 million if she agreed to be his companion has no merit.

The Los Angeles Daily News reported in “Kirk Kerkorian ‘companion’ seeks $20 million from estate” that much of the breach-of-agreement suit was blacked out but that in a creditor’s claim filed in January, the real estate agent said she modified her work and child care schedules to accommodate her commitment to Kerkorian in the last year of his life.

The creditor’s claim was rejected in March by the executor of the Kerkorian estate, Anthony Mandekic, who is secretary-treasurer of Kerkorian’s Tracinda Corp. Mandekic received $7 million in Kerkorian’s will. He’s the sole defendant in Sandin’s lawsuit.

According to her claim, near the end of 2014, Kerkorian asked Sandin to increase the time she spent with him and “informed her that he would make sure that she was well cared for and would never have to work again, by providing for her at least the amount of $20 million.”

Sandin says she found out that despite his promise to her, Kerkorian’s estate planning documents didn’t include any provisions for her.

She claims that she would suffer unconscionable injury and that it would be inequitable if Kerkorian’s promise to provide for her weren’t enforced by the court.

Reference: Los Angeles Daily News (May 25, 2016) “Kirk Kerkorian ‘companion’ seeks $20 million from estate”

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