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“Goin’ Through the Big D” Requires More Than a Division of Assets

Updated: Jun 16

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head that you just can’t get out? Scientists call them “earworms” and they are doing research on the phenomenon to determine why our brains seem to enjoy and hate them at the same time. 

Until the scientists figure out what is going on, we’ll be over here humming “Goin’ Through the Big D,” that ‘90s country classic sung by Mark Chesnutt. It’s super catchy, and for some reason, it often gets stuck in our heads when we are working on a divorce case. 

Family Law Matters We Take Care Of

Although we are best known as an estate planning firm, the Your Legacy Legal Care has over 15 years of experience representing clients in a variety of family law matters, including:

  1. Divorce: At Your Legacy Legal Care, you will find a divorce lawyer who is a good listener and a strong advocate for your position.

  2. Child custody: Who will have custody? Will there be adequate parenting time for both parents? Our child custody attorney can help.

  3. Modifications: Does your child support need to be raised or lowered? Does your child need to or want to live with you? Do you need to adjust your visitation or rights and duties or conservatorship?

  4. Adoption: Our adoption lawyers can handle a wide range of adoption matters.

  5. Grandparent rights: Are you prevented from seeing your grandchildren? Are your grandchildren safe and well cared for?

  6. Paternity: Do you have rights to your child? Do you need to establish child support to receive child support or get visitation?

  7. Name changes for adults and children

The fact that we do both family law and estate planning makes sense because the two areas of law are intimately connected. 

Often, a family law client also needs to update their estate plan, or re-title assets that were divided after their case is resolved. We help our family law clients take a broader look at their life goals and determine what unanticipated legal steps they need to take to put their affairs in order. 

On the other hand, sometimes crafting an estate plan reveals family law issues that need to be resolved. One area where we see this a lot is with spousal support modifications. Nobody’s life stays the same as it was when their divorce was finalized. People move, they get remarried, they go back to school and get new jobs. These big life changes can trigger a support modification, but only if you bring it to the attention of the courts. 

Contact Our Office Today for Your Family Law Needs

At our firm, we focus on your best interests.  We don’t rush to get your case resolved so we can cash your check and move on to the next client.  We understand that resolving a family law dispute or crafting an estate plan is just one stop on a much longer journey. 

If you want an attorney that will do more than just sit back and watch as the judge says one person gets the Jeep and the other person gets the palace, the Your Legacy Legal Care is the firm for you. 

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