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Becoming a Power of Attorney & What You Should Know!

Updated: May 17

What is a Power of Attorney?
Becoming a Power of Attorney

Kim Hegwood recently was a special guest on the Parent Projects Podcast to discuss the crucial topic of “Becoming a Power of Attorney.” Kim’s extensive experience in estate planning and elder law allows her to provide invaluable insights to the Parent Projects’ national audience and offers listeners a comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities and significance associated with being appointed as someone’s agent for power of attorney.

This episode serves as a valuable resource for individuals that are navigating the complex landscape of legal decision-making. The information provided in this episode will give you clarity on the fundamental aspects of these legal documents and empower you to make informed choices regarding your own or your loved one’s affairs.

Be sure to tune in to the latest episode as we discuss the various types of powers of attorney documents and explain their distinct purposes and implications. We also discuss common misconceptions surrounding powers of attorney, debunking these myths and clarifying these misconceptions that could hinder your ability to make an informed decision. From statutory durable power of attorney to healthcare directives, Kim explains the nuanced differences between them and highlights the importance of selecting a trusted person to serve in this type of capacity should you be unable to make your own decisions.

Click the photo below or click here to listen to our special episode and subscribe to the Parent Projects Podcast!

podcast cover for kim hegwood's episode regarding becoming a power of attorney

We want to take this opportunity to thank Parent Projects not only for having us on the podcast, but to also thank them for everything they do to help make the transitions that may take place in our loved ones’ golden years as seamless as possible!

If you find yourself being appointed as someone’s agent for power of attorney and need guidance, contact our office at (281) 218-0880 or schedule online at to meet with a member of our client services team today!

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