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Houston Estate Planning and Administration


At Your Legacy Legal Care™, we understand the importance of having an estate plan that reflects your wishes. Our compassionate and experienced estate planning lawyers are here to assist you with the process. We guide clients with estate planning and administration to protect their accumulated assets.

Let our experienced team help you explore your options and create personalized estate planning tools that match your goals. Contact our estate planning law firm in Houston to schedule a consultation with an experienced estate planning attorney.

What Does Estate Planning Include? 

Estate planning allows individuals to create a defined plan to protect their assets. Having an estate plan is critical for people who want to make their own decisions about the distribution of their assets.

We will guide you through the options available to you and create the proper estate planning tools to address your goals. This can include health care directives, estate tax planning, charitable giving, or the transfer of a family business. Contact our estate planning law firm to speak with skilled estate planning lawyers today. The estate planning lawyer you hire will help you figure out which choices are best for your estate planning, such as:

Your Houston estate planning attorney will explain which estate planning documents would best protect your family’s future. Should you be prepared to initiate your estate planning, reach out to our legal firm.

Call Today to Schedule Your Consultation with An Experienced Estate Planning Attorney.

What Are the Benefits of Estate Planning?

Many people don't realize that having an estate plan can help protect their loved ones after their death. As a result, they may pass away without creating wills, trusts, or other important legal documents. Before you decide if estate planning is worth considering, you should learn how it can help you. 

Benefits of estate planning:

  • Ensure your assets are distributed the way you want.

  • Choose a trusted person to be in charge of your estate if you become incapacitated or pass away.

  • Make it clear who can make financial and health decisions for you when necessary.

  • Make child custody decisions to ensure your children end up in the care of a trusted loved one.

  • Let your loved ones avoid the probate process so they get access to your assets quickly.

  • Reduce the taxes your estate owes after your death.

  • Help with succession planning so you know who will manage your business.

These are the most common reasons for meeting with estate planning attorneys as soon as possible. Contact our Houston estate planning law firm to begin the legal process with trusted attorneys.

What Does an Estate Planning Attorney Do for You? 


Estate planning lawyers help clients navigate complex legal issues. These range from minimizing taxes, avoiding probate, and ensuring that your wishes are carried out. Our experienced attorneys at Your Legacy Legal Care™ have expertise in estate administration and planning. Our estate planning lawyers will compassionately guide you through the best solutions to fit your individual goals.

Our attorneys have spent years helping Houston residents with estate planning. Whether you are seeking a living will, trust administration services, or answers about probate court, the estate planning lawyers at Your Legacy Legal Care™ are here for you.

Should I Create a Will or a Trust?


Wills and trusts are among the most commonly used instruments for estate planning. The estate planning attorneys at Your Legacy Legal Care™ will assist you in determining whether you require a will, a trust, or both.

A will is designed to distribute your property, name a guardian for your minor children, name an executor to manage your finances and implement the stipulations of your will and make your wishes known pertaining to your funeral, burial or cremation, and/or memorial. Your will goes into effect after you pass away and will be processed through probate court to distribute your assets.

A trust will declare who gets what property when you pass away, but it can help avoid probate, speeding up asset distribution after death. In addition, a trust can take effect immediately, so you and your family can see the benefits of it during your life. Trusts also have potential financial and tax benefits. 

Your Houston estate planning attorney will explain the benefits of each option, as they vary depending on your circumstances. Call our law office today to talk to a skilled legal professional about the estate planning services you need. 

Call today to schedule a consultation.

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